The best apps for organizing work remotely according to the Pigro Team

The best apps for organizing work remotely according to the Pigro Team

Working from home, remote working, remote collaboration: the Pigro team has collected some of the best apps for organizing work and planning business activities.

Is your company also continuing to work remotely after the lockdown and do you need an app to organize work with colleagues?

According to ANSA, during the months of quarantine due to the COVID-19 emergency, the spread of remote work in Italy has led to increased use of teleconferencing and remote work organization applications (6.7 million new users at the beginning of March alone).

That’s why we at Pigro have selected some programs that can help you and your team with remote working.

How to organize office work: 10 remote working platforms

Whether you’re a freelancer, remote employee, or business executive, you’ll save time organizing your company’s work, even remotely, with this little guide of tools!


1. Paragraphs


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Since Pigro’s mission has always been to simplify work, we have created a new free tool that can facilitate the search for information within documents.

You don’t need to read an entire 100-page file or know the keywords to search within it, just upload your documents to the Paragraphs platform and type in a question to immediately get the answer with the information you need. Besides, you can save the paragraphs that interest you the most and create new documents to share with your colleagues.

Soon a team version will also be available to create shared libraries and collaborate on the same contents. To have a look at how Paragraphs works, here you’ll find an explanatory video.


2. Asana



If you’re looking for a project management tool, this is the app for you. Asana is an app for organizing time and teamwork, useful for both small and large projects, which facilitates the assignment of tasks and scheduling. The name, commonly used in yoga, comes from the Persian “easy to learn”, to emphasize the simplicity of the tool within everyone’s reach.

Among the various tools you can: assign tasks, set a deadline, create subtasks, upload attachments, while maintaining the ability to customize the management of their content.


3. Jira Software



Jira Software was created as a support tool for the software development team that using this app can collaborate, monitor, and release quality software. It also allows you to plan and break down tasks into sprints, categorizing them by priority or deadline and communicating everything with the team. There is a report section, where you can monitor your work through a complete view of all projects and tasks entered.


4. Team Viewer



Team Viewer allows you to access the desktop and files on your company PC and work remotely. It also provides the ability to hold video conferencing meetings, including up to 25 people, and to hold remote assistance sessions for instant support between colleagues.

Its use is simple and it is supported by any platform (Windows, Linux, Apple, Android, etc.).


5. Slack



Slack is a work organization software that allows you to send instant messages to your team. At Pigro we use it for internal communication within our team.

You can create private channels divided by departments, projects or topics, without clogging up the email inboxes of the entire office! You can share attachments and make video calls.


6. Trello



Among the free apps for organizing work, Trello is definitely one of the most valid, as it allows you to plan your work, thanks to shared bulletin boards, where you can carry out projects divided into tasks and assign them to one or more colleagues.

The Pigro team has always used this tool for planning weekly tasks, which is convenient for its intuitive simplicity and functionality. 


7. Airtable



It’s a software for remote work team management and office work organization. Like Trello, it allows you to enter shared tasks and activities, but with horizontal division. It makes it possible for team members to view ongoing projects and assign priorities.

With Airtable you can have everything in one place: editorial calendars, marketing campaigns, product catalogs, event planning…once you understand its functionalities it’s really a valuable tool!




best_app_for_organizing_work_remotely reminds you of your calendar appointments and, thanks to voice recognition, lets you dictate your to-do list as well as your shopping list. All the updates from the last year are explained in this video.


9. Tandem



Tandem simulates a virtual office with all that entails: collaboration on projects, direct communication and transparency with your team. You can see who’s working on what, share screens and sliders, or use other integrated platforms like Slack, Google Drive, and Trello. You can learn more about using Tandem on the blog.


10. Jooble

jooble_apps_for_organizing_work_remotelyFinally, this platform will help you find collaborators or jobs, based on your field and experience. Jooble is an international job search platform already used by millions of people in 69 countries and 25 working languages. Founded in 2006 by two students it has become a leader in the online recruitment market to ensure comfortable and fast employment processes, both for applicants and employers.


In short, choosing a program to organize business work can simplify the tasks at hand, allowing employees to spend time and focus on more difficult, higher-value tasks.


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