Pigro | Your turnkey Help desk virtual assistant


Your knowledge base already contains the answers to your users’ questions. Pigro retrieves them automagically.

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Pigro | Your turnkey Help desk virtual assistant

Pigro: far more than chatbot

The cross-industry virtual assistant designed for Corporates & Public Institution's help desk.

Internal helpdesk Pigro

Internal help desk

A virtual assistant in natural language supporting your employees’ requests. Give them the chance to get any kind of information about company policy and procedures without swamping their colleagues with repetitive tasks.

Pigro | Help desk agents’ support

Help desk agents’ support

The artificial intelligence powered by Pigro combined by the human touch of your customer care. Agents no longer have to search through templates or knowledge articles. And of course, no more copy-pasting from word documents. Boost your operators’ productivity making the information retrieval from your knowledge base easier than ever. 

Customer care Pigro

Customer care 24/7

A virtual assistant active 24/7 automatically answering your customer’s simpler requests, reducing up to 50% call center agents’ workload and enabling them to spend more time on the problems that only humans can solve. Increase the efficiency of the first contact with your customers.


Pigro’s AI platform gives a conversational output to your knowledge base

  • Pigro is powered by your existing documentation
    Handbook, product sheets, web and social content, FAQ, tickets, documentation and any digital content… Pigro’s artificial intelligence is able to process all users’ natural language request and to extract in-context answers from your knowledge base.
  • Pigro is constantly updated with the last content
    Word, pdf, ppt or xls documentation, website pages or any other source linked to Pigro is immediately acquired by our AI platform for giving you back the best customer UX.
  • No more extra work for your employees
    Pigro setup does not require any extra work for your employees during the training process as normally happened in NLP/U solutions. The Pigro AI will do the job for you.

A virtual assistant powered by proprietary Artificial Intelligence and based on a statistical approach.

User-friendly for your customer and flexible for your employees. The customizable dashboard provides all the tools to manage your virtual assistant and track your KPI.

Pigro | Features

Omni-Channel Support

Full integrated with the most important platform: Facebook, Telegram, Web, native app and third parties. A flexible tool that can be used by any device.

Integration with your business systems

Pigro can be integrated with any CRM software as Salesforce, Zendesk, Front, Zoho, ServiceNow and other company’s systems to boost processes’ efficiency.

Dynamic knowledge base management

Thanks to its proprietary AI platform, Pigro can manage your knowledge base even when changing over the time. Pigro will train automatically the system starting from the new content ensuring an always updated service.


Self-learning and proactivity

Learning from historical tickets, Pigro will provide even better interactions thanks to knowledge base increasing and self-learn techniques. Pigro can suggest action an provides information to user proactively. 


Thanks to his statistical approach and proprietary AI technology, Pigro can implement any language you need.

Data security and privacy

Pigro works in cloud or on-premise and ensures data security and privacy of users’ conversations. 


Ready in few weeks, not months with an overall solution

Our AI proprietary technology fits corporates and public institutions needs in help desk and customer care processes, supporting them to get ROI maximization on huge content creation. Our team will take care about everything. Look at our workflow


Let’s start here

Let’s start from your needs and your goals in help desk and customer care processes. Give us your online and offline knowledge base as it is from any repository.

Pigro AI

AI technology by Pigro will be able to process natural language requests and to extract answers to user questions’ automatically from existing documentation. Thanks to its statistical approach, Pigro can manage a huge knowledge bases as they are and wherever they are, maximizing ROI on the content creation investment.

Conversational Knowledge base

The conversational interface is shaped on customer needs and tested for ensuring the best user experience and tone of voice.

Your virtual assistant is ready

The result is a virtual assistant reliable, proactive and always updated, self-learning, increasing out accuracy day by day and compliant with data security and privacy rules.

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