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What is a chatbot and how it can improve the process of Customer Service

COMPANIES IMPROVE THEIR RELATIONSHIP WITH CUSTOMERS, EVEN AFTER SALE, THANKS TO THE USE OF CHATBOT      During after-sales service, users expect quick answers that can solve (or even anticipate) their problems. Chatbot is a useful tool to support the different Customer Service activities within companies.     Failure to meet customer expectations can result […]

Artificial Intelligence takes care of the needs of the consumer: Customer Journey leaded through intelligent machines

Artificial Intelligence is designed to listen to and respond to the needs of the consumer, contributing to the creation of personalized purchasing experiences.     Artificial Intelligence has been designed to facilitate the adoption of a marketing one-to-one (or customer-centered), allowing companies to take care of the needs of their consumers.   The use of chat-bot, or recommendation […]

AI and fintech: the technological innovation of wealth management

With the integration of artificial intelligence in asset management we can say goodbye to traditional wealth management services: consumers will benefit from simple services, fast and efficient with the use of chatbot, robots and intelligent machines.       With the creation of intelligent machines, artificial intelligence is changing the management of substantial assets, thanks […]

Artificial Intelligence and Ethics: Rules and Principles for Making intelligent systems more responsible

Intelligent systems are programmed to process numerical and nonnumerical values, understanding the same values or morals. With the definition of criteria and principles, there is an attempt to empower Artificial Intelligence.   How Artificial Intelligence Works   Artificial Intelligence is programmed to perform a precise task in an efficient and fast way, often lightening the work […]

Artificial Intelligence supports lawyers improving their performance and the quality of the advice offered to the client

Artificial Intelligence is designed to process lawyers’ requests, increasing the quality guaranteed to the customer and reducing the costs incurred by him.   New technologies applied to law firms: Legal Tech   The expression Legal Tech synthesizes the use of new technologies (including Artificial Intelligence) in law firms.   The use of Artificial Intelligence allows lawyers […]