“I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.” (Bill Gates)



Implementing faster than any other, help desk, both internal and external, automation  in Corporates’ organization maximizing efficiency thanks its AI proprietary technology.
Building  solutions minimizing setup time and maintenance costs which maximize ROI on the content creation investment, extracting answers from every digital content in the corporates knowledge base: user manuals, product sheets, internal documents, web contents and so on.
Becoming the best and faster way to automate corporate help desk processes (internal or external).
Supporting internal and external help desk automation as faster as possible in cross industry corporates.

The solution

Pigro is a turnkey help desk virtual assistant able to answer users’ questions and to help its human colleagues with the most difficult ones. Companies’ knowledge base already contains the answers to users’ questions in an aggregate form. Pigro retrieves answers automatically providing them through a chat. Organizations make huge efforts to create valuable support content that is not easily discoverable. Pigro self-learn, is multilingual, multi-channel (web, mobile, messenger, telegram, app native) and cross-industry thanks to its proprietary technology. It can manage a dynamic knowledge base and thanks to its dashboard you are provided of full analytics. Pigro is fully integrated with your ERP and CRM systems supporting automation inside your company’s processes.

Competitive advantage

Building an AI virtual assistant is today a long a complex process. The standard solutions are using NLP/U technology which implies long set up time and high maintenance costs. Pigro, thanks to its proprietary technology based on a statistical approach, can manage huge dynamic knowledge bases building an helpdesk virtual assistant  up to 10 times faster.

History and team

The technology that is today at the base of Pigro was born in 2015 from Nicolò Magnanini (Pigro CEO), brillant developer who invented the algorithm, and two passionate high school teachers and entrepreneurs, Armando Fontana and Daniele Galvani. Initially Pigro was an aggregator of news providing a summary of the most relevant information of the day, avoiding textual repetitions and giving the user a synthesized and effective content.
But the news world was difficult to monetize and in 2017 Daniele met Stefano Marzani. Stefano brought his experience coming from Silicon Valley and moved the MVP towards a strong trend was emerging California the virtual assistants. After validating the product in the Italian market on July 3th, 2018, Pigro entered the LUISSEnLabs acceleration program of LVenture Group, completing its team with an experienced sales and marketing person, Nicola Abbasciano (CMO-CCO) and Ahmed Nasser (CTO) an expert data scientist.

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