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With Pigro every type of organization can easily manage its knowledge base: import files from every repository, retrieve all the answers they need, and discover knowledge gaps to fill them.


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Dealing with knowledge management software usually means choosing between good results and minimum effort. With Pigro you don't have to compromise.


As a matter of fact, the traditional solutions based on NLU technology often require you to do a lot of human labor and a long setup to write Q&A from your content, to train the AI on the jargon, questions, and documents that the company wants to use. Pigro instead completely automates this training phase of the natural language interface and is able to generate questions from any documentation. 


That’s why Pigro can make the difference: thanks to the statistical approach, the system can offer you great performances and it only needs less than a month for the setup. In addition to that, it doesn’t require any effort from you to upload the documentation. User manuals on a cloud, product sheets in a PC, emails from your inbox, web pages from your company’s site: we can import them as they are.

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Users have questions, not keywords.With Pigro you don’t have to insert keywords or tags in your content to make it searchable.


The users can ask questions in natural language and receive clear and on point answers. A 100-page document can't be the answer to a question. Pigro provides a clear-cut paragraph from the previously imported content. The users don’t have to search in the whole document for the information they need, because Pigro will handle it. But keep in mind: you always have access to the whole script.


In addition, Pigro has a self-learning system: this means that it gets better and better every time you ask a question, give feedback or import new material. It keeps itself updated with any new version of the document: no risk to receive an out of date answer to your question!



More than 25% of requests cannot be solved by humans due to lack of information. Pigro can easily discover these knowledge gaps.


When you can’t find an answer to your question, maybe there is no content related to the topic. Thanks to Pigro, you are able to easily discover knowledge gaps and fill them with new material.


However, sometimes two or more answers to the same question coexist in the documentation, so that you are not sure about which one is correct.  Pigro can also help you handle these occurrences and allow you to choose the right variation and drop the other one(s). Finally, Pigro provides you with constantly updated analytics, so that you can check user satisfaction and also access data about how much time and effort your company saved.

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