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Pigro allows you to ask questions in natural language, as high-powered search engine, and retrieve clear-cut answers and related documents, from most to least relevant.


Pigro's usage at a glance, choose between our user experiences:


Pigro can provide your large or medium-sized organization with the perfect solution to get the most out of your documentation.


Our standard solution is the best for your Customer Service and internal Help Desk: the portal is a desktop experience adjusted to the needs of employees who spend hours and hours searching among files.


It makes it easy to ask questions, get answers, read documents, save, and share them. It is just the ticket to speed up the work for customer service and sales teams.

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Besides the standard solution, you can easily embed Pigro right within your own site, platform, or software.


A chatbot might be a useful tool both for your team and your customers and it can be added to an interface in which they are already familiar with.


The interface is extremely practical when dealing with casual questions and short answers and it can be integrated into your product or website. In addition, the chatbot solution supports your team and allows it to spend more time in more valuable activities.



If you are a developer and you think that our technology may be the key to fuel up your idea, we can provide you our API key.


Just our raw technology for you to be implemented by your creativity. It can be used by developers, UX designers and many more!


Having access to our API documentation means having the opportunity to use a powerful tool to make your ideas real.

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Helpdesk & Customer support

Help your agents in solving customer issues

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Sales & Marketing transformation

Support Sales & Marketing divisions in creating and serving the right content

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Knowledge sharing

Collect the field knowledge and spread it inside the company