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Sharing knowledge is the best way to spread innovation in your organization

Often, companies can have an information hoarding problem where the info could be scattered, chaotic or clustered in silos. This is why it’s difficult to manage and retrieve knowledge.


This burdens the employees that have to spend time and resources to find the information they need, slowing down their job productivity


Solving this problem requires creating a well-organized knowledge base that contains implicit and explicit knowledge, supported by the best-practices documentation. But also retrieving the latest updated version and keeping organized the documentation requires hours and hours of employee work

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Instead, with Pigro it’s easy! It can work for you.


Pigro automatically imports every type of content from every repository, providing always updated information, with the latest version of your Knowledge Base.


So, the employee doesn’t need to update and organize the files and can focus on his work. Moreover, Pigro imports and automatically trains on your company’s Knowledge Base, retrieving clear-cut answers, so you don’t have to search the whole document for the answer you need.


It makes your company’s knowledge searchable and it is a great way to boost the Human Resources’ job and to have an easy and fast onboarding for new employees.


Also, experienced agents can always share their knowledge and material. Sharing knowledge with your colleagues means being able to get the best out of it and make your company grow.


Exchanging tips, information on procedures, and problem-solving best-practices, according to everyone's skills, can spread the Knowledge Sharing Culture to foster innovation.

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