About our values

“Pigro” means “lazy” in Italian, and we want you to be a little bit lazier by creating technology that solves problems before you even know they exist.


Why choose Pigro?

Our vision

Pigro is not just a product. It is a way of being, thinking, and working. Being “Lazy” is about finding the most efficient and fastest way to do things so that you have time to spend on other valuable activities.


With Pigro we want to inspire you with this mentality. That’s why reliability, punctuality, and perseverance characterize our working approach. Because we listen to your needs and offer you effective tools to satisfy them.


How can we do this?


With an ever more innovative spirit that we bring to our work. Curiosity and ambition take the lead in our search for always new solutions.

Vision Pigro

Our Customers at the Heart

our Mission

Our Mission

We want to offer something no one else can provide.


When talking about knowledge management software, we looked around and noticed that no one could deliver both good results and minimum effort


Since we wish for a lazier - but also more efficient - way of living and working, we decided that we wanted to provide both of these benefits to our customers.


What we've always aimed at is a best-in-class experience for Pigro’s clients and users: meaning that they are not forced to give up on anything.

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