7 useful tools for a web copywriter

7 useful tools for a web copywriter

In recent years competition has increased and it is becoming more and more challenging to get noticed on the web with a blog or website. Pigro has selected 5 useful tools to help a web copywriter stand out.

Who is a web copywriter?

The term “web copywriter” refers to a key figure who is in charge of writing interesting and engaging copy for the web. They differ from copywriters thanks to their ability to adapt copywriting to the web by optimizing content to make it more accessible to users.

The requirements for web copywriters are many: good organization, writing speed, editing accuracy, SEO-oriented copy and much more. The workload is overwhelming, but thanks to increasingly innovative tools, it can be lightened.  

So here’s a list of tools for web copywriters that Pigro finds useful:



The creative phase is fundamental for every web copywriter, but it is often the most complicated and demanding. Mindmeister is an app that allows you to create mind maps to help ideas flow freely. The app enables you to create interactive maps, customize them with images, share them with your team and export them in any format you like. If used in the right way, this tool can help generate new ideas, making the creative phase faster and more entertaining.



It may seem obvious, but a web copywriter cannot afford mistakes. Everything on the web spreads very quickly and grammatical or spelling errors will immediately devalue the content. For this reason, it is fundamental to check the copy many times, but this may not be enough. Grammarly is a grammar assistant that helps you proofread your copy. This app, also available as a browser extension, will help you find typos, misplaced prepositions and style issues that you may have missed.



The web is huge, new content is uploaded every day, and for web copywriters, it is fundamental to improve the indexing and positioning of their copy in the SERP, the search engine results page. 

SEOZoom is a software tool that provides several functions for conducting the search engine optimization process. It is a must-have for any web copywriter. This tool makes it possible to carry out complete website analysis, monitor the competitors, analyze keyword trends and, thanks to the editorial assistant, create SEO-friendly content.



If the choice of words to use on the web is important, the choice of images and graphics is even more. Everyday users deal with lots and lots of content, but little of it really grabs their attention. Images stick in the memory and web copywriters cannot underestimate them. Canva is a photo editor platform that allows you to create everything you could need, from graphics for your articles to creative posts for your social media. The advantage of Canva is its user-friendly interface, which allows you to save time, but also to create content that can make a difference to a web copywriter.



paragraphs_tools for copywriter

Often before posting or writing an article it is necessary to check several fonts and documents. This is a time-consuming process, and keyword research is not enough. Paragraphs is a web app that facilitates your search by allowing you to find the information you are looking for with just one click. All you have to do is upload your files and type a query. Paragraphs, thanks to the use of artificial intelligence, will extract the paragraph that answers your question. In this way, you don’t need to open every single document, Paragraphs will do it all by itself! At the moment it is only available with English language files.




anyword_tools for copywriter

Anyword is an AI copywriting tool that helps to create different kinds of content for instance ads, social media content, long-form blog posts, landing pages, product descriptions and cold email and SMS. It evaluates the performance of each result and recommends suggestions to improve your work.



copy ai_tools for copywriter

CopyAI is another copywriting tool that helps create samples based on what input you give. Hence it produces content for you like product descriptions, ad headlines and copy, emails, landing pages and sales copy.

The world of the web is constantly evolving, so stay updated on what’s new to stand out from the competitors. 


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