Tools for
Lazy people

If you really want to increase your productivity you should start thinking like a lazy person, always trying to get the maximum result with the minimum effort.

Pigro means "lazy" in italian, we want you to be a little bit lazier by selecting some useful tools to save your time and allow you to dedicate yourself to what you like best. Because it's not how much you work but how you work that will allow you to reach your goals.
tools for lazy people

In evidence...


Have you ever had to search for information within a document? 

Did you find it quickly?

Often the search for information is done through the use of keywords. But if the word you are looking for is really important, it will be repeated many times and, therefore, you will have to “sift through” all the content, wasting time.


With Paragraphs you don't have to do any of that. 

Have a question in mind? Just type it into the platform and Paragraphs will take care of the rest: it will extract the paragraph containing the information you are looking for directly from your documentation.

And if you found what you were looking for and you want to use it to create a new content, with a click you can add it to a booklet: a new document in which you can make a report, a summary, a brainstorming or whatever you need.

It's a free webapp, in English, that allows you to speed up the whole research phase using a simple question.

How can you get any lazier than this?


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