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The best free video call apps to use for remote work

The best free video call apps to use for remote work

What video call free app is most suitable for you to work remotely in the easiest and safest possible way? Let’s find it out in this article!

In the past few months, remote work has become the normal state of matter for many employees and it looks like it will be so in the future as well. Remote work has practically made it mandatory that employees use specific technological tools, like video call apps to keep in touch with their coworkers and friends. 

Video calling apps turned out to be essential to carry out many work activities such as online meetings and business video calls. That is why Pigro has selected for you some of the best video calling apps available for free for users.

Video calling free apps selected for you by Pigro 



1. Whereby

Whereby is one of the best video call apps out there, as it allows practitioners to work together with one another to make safe video calls for free and in a easy way. On its free version, it allows up to 4 participants. It’s super easy to use: all you have to do is start the video call with one click – to do this you don’t even need to download the app – and then you will have to share the link to your colleagues, so that they can join the meeting.

Why did Pigro select Whereby as a tool for videocalling with the costumers and employees of your company? Well, we honestly have had enough of annoying situations such as lagging and audio problems. Another plus to bear in mind is that Whereby as an easy access, the screen sharing function is intuitive and finally the quality of the calls are amazing.



2. Zoom:

This video call app is widely used for remote learning. Not only can clients use its chat while videoconferencing, but they can also use this fantastic software for remote workers, especially those who need to attend online meetings regularly.

The created video call can be shared via link, but users also have to download the app to start the call. Zoom allows you to videoconferencing for free with a maximum of 100 participants, while the upgraded version – the one in which you need to pay – allows up to 1000 participants.  



3. Google Meet:

Google Meet is the video conferencing app that is the business counterpart to Hangouts – a chat for videocalling with a maximum of 10 participants. Meets works wonderfully well and it’s the perfect tool to make business calls among colleagues because it keeps meetings encrypted thanks to Google’s infrastructure.

To have access to calls, you don’t need to create an account, as you just need to either share the link or schedule an event syncronized with Google Calendar.

Since September 30, 2020, all Google Suite’s clients can use the advanced features of Google Meet videocalling, such as meeting with more participants – maximum 250 participants -, live streaming sessions and recording.




4. Cisco Webex:

Webex is a video calling app that enables people to connect online with their coworkers, colleagues and costumers. On its free version, it is used – and useful! – for e-learning lessons and for distance learning. Here you can find more on the download and the cost of Webex Meetings.

Webex Meetings works very much like other platforms designed for hosting webinars and online meetings like Skype or Zoom. 

Like Zoom, Webex allows its users to join the video conference by simply sharing a link and to schedule future meetings. Similarly to all tools for Web Conferencing, the Webex’s user can interact with other participants thanks to its chat. 

However, unlikely from Zoom, Skype and many other video conferencing systems, Webex renders available a set of useful features, such as the possibility to record a meeting, save the presentations or documents with notes and see them online, share of apps and software, and create surveys to ask the participants for feedback.  


Pigro’s team has carefully selected other useful software and tools that has been trying itself while working remotely: to find out what they are, read 6 best Google Chrome extensions to increase productivity



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