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“Pigro” means “lazy” in Italian, and we want you to be a little bit lazier by creating technology that solves problems before you even know they exist.

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The story of the Team

The birth

Pigro technology was born in 2015 from Nicolò Magnanini, a brilliant student and developer who invented the algorithm, and two passionate high school teachers and entrepreneurs, Armando Fontana and Daniele Galvani. They changed totally the semantic approach in AI-chatbot creation adopting a revolutionary statistical method.

The product
Landing Pigro EN

But the product is not enough to make a company: you need a business model and you need to test it in different industries. This is the reason why Stefano Marzani, an engineer working in Silicon Valley, joined our team in 2016.

Stefano helped Nicolò to define the company mission, its value proposition and the revenue model. Thanks to Stefano, PIGRO technology switched to the virtual assistant market, clarifying Pigro's identity as a valuable tool for optimizing customer service and internal help desk processes. 

The Growth: Switch to Knowledge Management System

After validating the product in the Italian market on July 3th, 2018, Pigro entered the LUISSEnLabs acceleration program of LVenture Group, completing its team with an experienced sales and marketing person, Nicola Abbasciano (COO), and Ahmed Nasser (CTO), an expert data scientist. 

In 2019 the team realized that Pigro had the potential to become much more than a chatbot: it could help organizations to solve the knowledge management problem much better than existing technology.

Pigro started expanding in the Italian market as a useful tool for large enterprises’ Knowledge Management. 

The Future: Ready to Expand Internationally
Pigro product

In 2020 the Pigro Team has grown up with marketers and developers and the figure of CMO Gabriele Maggiolo. From the end of 2020 Pigro is moving towards the internationalization process from UE and UAE markets.

The goal is to build a business network which acquires corporate customers and improves our core product with reference to the needs of the country.

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