Free tools for your startup

Free tools for your startup

Creating a startup is indeed a risky choice, but the pandemic certainly hasn’t slowed down their growth. Creativity and innovation are the basis of everything, but there are a lot of tasks to be done. For this reason, Pigro has selected a series of free tools that may be useful if you are planning to set up your own business.

What is a startup?

Defining the term “startup” is not easy as it can refer to different contexts. Generally speaking, we can refer to a startup as a young, innovative organisation that aims to provide one or more solutions to existing problems. 

Although there are different types of startups operating in different contexts and with different business models, all startups have some characteristics in common, including scalability and replicability. In particular, scalability refers to the ability of the company to increase its size, while replicability refers to the ability of the business model to be repeatable in its processes.

Creating a startup from scratch is difficult and Pigro knows this well! You don’t always have the necessary resources to deal with all the activities that are required. That’s why we have selected a number of free tools to help you grow and run your business more easily.

Collaborate on the same project


Working remotely with other people is not something new nowadays and there are lots of platforms available, but it is important to choose the most flexible ones that allow you to do different tasks together with other colleagues.

Miro is a fast, free and intuitive digital whiteboard creator designed to help you collaborate with others anytime, anywhere. The features offered by this platform are many, including brainstorming activities with mind maps, joining meetings, keeping track of strategy planning and much more.


Figma is another tool that uses remote collaboration to increase team productivity. Unlike Miro, Figma allows you to develop graphical content such as business cards and infographics, but it also allows you to create Android apps, iOS apps or websites. It is an excellent alternative to Adobe XD and Sketch.

Organising team activities


Taskade is a productivity and project management software that, in its free version, allows several options, including creating an unlimited number of projects, developing a weekly planner and creating to-do lists for all colleagues.


If you need to keep track of your team’s activities in real-time, Notion could be the solution for you. It is a web app designed for both teams and individuals. It allows you to schedule tasks, prioritise them, review the workflow, keep track of the time needed to complete a task and many other features that will optimise your team’s work.

Competitor analysis


Creativity and innovation are not enough to be successful and startup companies must study the market and their competitors. Competitor analysis allows you to identify any weaknesses of your start-up and at the same time understand which strengths make you more attractive in the market. 

Similarweb is a web tool that allows you to monitor the traffic of your competitors’ websites to check their web marketing strategies. It is an excellent tool for startups as it is user-friendly and allows you to make an initial analysis of your competitors’ websites free of charge.


Wappalyzer is a Chrome extension that allows us to understand which technologies our competitors are using in their websites. It can be useful for every start-up company in order to understand which technology to use, and most importantly, it is totally free.


As we have seen, there are many tools available, but it is important that each startup company chooses the tools that best suit its needs, so that it can grow and optimise its time.

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