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Increase the efficiency of your Sales & Marketing Team with prompt access to your Company's knowledge. Share collaborative culture within your company's divisions.


Pigro can be useful for all company’s divisions, including Sales & Marketing departments

Every company is based on intellectual capital and every business transaction requires reliable information. 


Sales and Marketing departments often deal with a huge amount of databases, paper files, and servers to access all the information they need about product prices, discounts, product sheets, and marketing materials (such as logos and market analysis). 


They have to find what they need to face customers' requests in a jungle of scattered documentation, disorganized files, and unstructured information.


Pigro can solve these kind of problems by collecting all of this material and make it search-ready, providing access to knowledge. It is cross-industry and cross-department and can be integrated with any business system.


Stop wasting time searching for scattered info inside PCs, clouds, and inboxes. Pigro does it for you. It retrieves clear-cut answers with relative documents and it allows you to keep always updated information and share it with your colleagues.


As a matter of fact, Sales&Marketing divisions benefit especially when products, pricing, and customer information are available and up-to-date at all times, because they can cut resolution costs and time in order to get better results.


In addition, for companies operating in different countries, Pigro can provide information in every language to their Sales and Marketing teams. This is possible to its proprietary technology based on a statistical approach which is language and semantic area independent.


External sales agents can also benefit from Pigro thanks to its Omni-channel support: fully integrated with the most important platforms, is a flexible tool that can be used by any device.


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