best apps for working in teams

Working in teams: the 5 best apps for working in teams

Working in teams: the 5 best apps for working in teams

Interactive whiteboards, visual roadmaps, document sharing, searching by questions (not KW): the most useful apps for working in teams. 

Organizing and managing workflow can be complex: the ability to work in a team is not taken for granted and often collaborating seems impossible.

But there are smartphone and web apps that are useful for facilitating teamwork. Here are the must-have apps to improve teamwork.



Collaboration between different teams is often difficult, especially when it comes to professionals working with images, such as designers, project managers, and agencies.

That’s why Cage is a tool that provides a complete overview of the project workflow to all team members, allowing them to carry out group tasks or tasks linked to those of their colleagues more quickly. 

There are numerous features that can help teams organize their work: assigning estimated times to tasks, using annotations (sketches, highlighted words, etc.), assigning tasks, and much more



“The interactive, collaborative online whiteboard to bring teams together, anytime, anywhere.” Miro allows teams to work on the same platform, at the same time, being able to see in real-time the changes made by colleagues and interact with them.

It can also be used for online brainstorming, creating diagrams, planning, concept maps, notes.

To facilitate the construction of projects, Miro provides customizable templates to which you can add images and files, and can be integrated with apps like Trello, Zoom, Slack, and many others.


Toggl Plan 

How to plan all the tasks for a project, in which various professionals collaborate? The workhorse of Toggl Plan is “bring clarity to your team’s work”. How? Through a simple and intuitive tool that allows you to have under control all the active projects and the tasks required for each of them. 

By creating visual roadmaps of each project, you’ll always have a clear idea of the amount of work for each period and you’ll be able to plan activities with greater awareness of being able to complete them.

Ideal for creative agencies, consultants, and implementation teams. 


Google Drive

Within a team, it is not only important to coordinate tasks, but often it is also necessary to work synergistically on the same documents. Among the sharing tools, it is impossible not to mention Google Drive, which allows you not only to have all the documentation stored in a single platform, and to organize it as you wish, but also to work within the same file with colleagues and clients.

To find the archived contents you’ll just have to type a keyword in the search bar to discover all the documents named with it and find what you were looking for. 



Need a document created by a colleague but don’t know how it was named? Searching by keywords isn’t the only solution. 

Paragraphs is a web app that speeds up your search by allowing you to directly find the information you are looking for, without having to remember how a document was named or where it is located.

After uploading your documents to the platform, just type the question you are looking for an answer to: Paragraphs will extract for you, directly from your documentation, the paragraph containing the information you need.

At the moment the individual version allows you to search for content and create new documents that can be shared with the team. Soon the team version will be available where you can create real libraries shared with colleagues and customers.


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