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Pigro helps people find clear-cut answers inside the ever-growing knowledge bases of their organizations.

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Pigro means "lazy" in italian, we want you to be a little bit lazier by creating technologies that solve problems before you even know they exist.

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Measure, analyze and improve the quality of your knowledge base: track the internal tools' usage, identify issues and enhance your support content.

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On a mission to make knowledge management comfortable

You don’t have to compromise for your knowledge management: Pigro only needs less than a month for the setup and it doesn’t require any effort from you to upload the documentation.

A matter of searchability not search-ability

Pigro automatically imports and trains on your company’s knowledge base. Our technology completely automates the training phase by generating all the possible questions from every document, so you don’t have to. It’s simply ready to use.

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Users have questions, not keywords.

When you ask a question in natural language Pigro provides you a clear-cut paragraph from the previously imported documents. Pigro has a self-learning system: it gets better and better every time you ask a question.

(We) mind the gaps

Thanks to Pigro, you are able to easily discover knowledge gaps and fill them with new material. Our dashboard provides you with constantly updated analytics and KPI.

helpdesk customer support

Helpdesk & Customer support

Help your agents in solving customer issues

sales marketing trasformation

Knowledge sharing

Collect the field knowledge and spread it inside the company

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Sales & Marketing transformation

Support Sales & Marketing divisions in creating and serving the right content

The Natural Language Interface to access your knowledge

Suitable for any Corporates & Public Institutions


Enterprise ready

The best of our features

Fast prototype implementation and setup 10 times faster than traditional systems

Industry, language, and document type independent

Omni-Channel Support fully integrated with the most important platforms. A flexible tool that can be used on any device

No needs of additional effort by your company

30% more accurate thanks to its proprietary technology

Self-learning technology provides better interactions, answers, and information

Integration with your business systems (Salesforce, Zendesk, Front, Zoho, ServiceNow and others)

Constantly updated content without human labor

Data security and privacy compliance, both in cloud and on-premise solutions

The User Experience that best suits your users



Our standard solution for customer service teams or knowledge retrieval in an enterprise. Ask a question, get suggestions while typing, retrieve clear-cut answers without losing the whole content.


This user experience can be embedded inside any cloud software or website. It can support your employees, customers or general public, exactly where they need it, to find content and information.
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We are developer-friendly, and we know that no one has more field experience than you. If you want to completely personalize the UX or create your application with our technology, you can now do that.

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Customer stories

We adopted Pigro as the knowledge management solution for our Tier 1 and Tier 2 Customer Support of the Sky WiFi Division. We can now provide our Agents with an always accessible and constantly updated documentation and deliver a best in class experience for our customers.

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COO Sky WiFi Italy
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Charles Patterson

one year with us
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Charles Patterson

one year with us

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