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Increase your Customer Care performance with real-time answers: your know-how can now be used for customer satisfaction.


Pigro is a powerful tool for your Help Desk and Customer Service

Pigro is able to provide quick access to information for all your employees, cutting ticket resolution time.


Your Helpdesk operators can always check if there are standard procedures documents available, reducing workload for every business department.  Your team holds back hours and hours that may spend on more valuable issues.

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We allow your staff to have an always consultable source of information providing a high performance of Customer Care in terms of quality and speed.


Our conversational interface can also be integrated on every website as a chatbot and can be used as a search engine on every content: procedures, marketing materials, product sheets, websites, user manuals and many more.


When you ask for an answer, Pigro retrieves the most accurate content from the knowledge base: you don’t have to read a one hundred page document to get the answer!


Pigro can support the Contact Center’s agents in customer service activities, speeding up the information research about client requests.


Thanks to this, it is possibile to boost the quality of your customer service, increasing customer satisfaction.

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Our standard solution for customer service teams or knowledge retrieval in an enterprise.

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This user experience can be embedded inside any cloud software or any website.

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If you want to completely personalize the UX or create your application with our technology, you can now do that.

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