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How to do research: 5 research tools to make your job easier when searching for information online

How to do research: 5 research tools to make your job easier when searching for information online

Pigro has selected for you the 5 useful research tools for online research that you can no longer do without

Whether you’re a freelancer, an employee, or an e-learning student, you’ve probably done research with Google or other tools to find the information you need for your work or study. 

At Pigro, we follow the philosophy of “maximum results minimum effort”: for this reason we have collected for you a series of online research tools that will help you in the various stages of research, allowing you to save time and be more productive.


Mind42: to brainstorm with visual maps   

Any research begins with a brainstorming phase. Therefore, in addition to note-taking apps, you need a mind-mapping tool, which can help you create visual maps and block diagrams for free. Thanks to its intuitiveness and ease of use, you won’t have to waste time on preparation. Like a real online whiteboard, it allows you to visualize and organize information, connected by arrows, to structure your ideas.


Scopus: to find research insights in any field and discipline 

In this bibliographic database, used by thousands of academics, companies, and government agencies, you can search through more than 75 million sources, publications, and books related to any field. In addition to the classic search by author, title, document, Scopus will suggest you similar contents based on the references and will let you consult a score related to the citations received by that document.


Paragraphs: to search for information quickly and organize the search process

This free web app allows you to harness the power of Artificial Intelligence to quickly find the answers you need. Simply upload your documentation to the platform and get started by typing in a question. Paragraphs extracts the text section with the searched information from your content, allowing you to save time in reading the entire document.

Besides, you’ll be able to save the answers that interest you the most, creating a new “booklet”, in which you’ll always keep track of the reference sources.


EndNote: a shared database to collaborate with your team

EndNote is a multi-functional research tool: it lets you consult online databases, but also share research and data with your collaborators. Once you’ve organized your contents, tagging and classifying them so they are easier to find, you can decide to share them with your team to work together on the research. It also lets you manage sources easily thanks to the automatic bibliographic notes compilation feature in your projects.


DataElixir: to stay up to date with scientific data  

Updated on a weekly basis, this online research tool allows you to keep up with the latest discoveries in science. Whether you’re a researcher or a student interested in these fields, you’ll find up-to-date news and data sources – just subscribe to the free newsletter.


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